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Free Prosperity Library________________________

  1. Never Be Broke Again by Dr. Joseph Murphy
  2. Speaking Your Prosperity Into Existence by Catherine Ponder
  3. It Works! The Little Red Book That Make Your Dreams Come True!
  4. Believe In Yourself! This will Change Everything by Bob Proctor
  5. The Hidden Secrets to Manifesting Prosperity by Eddie Coronado
  6. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Circumstances! ( Powerful!)

Healing Videos and Healing Statement

  1. Universal Healing Statement
  2. Heal While You Sleep with affirmations 528hz for Health and Healing
  3. 528Hz Repairs DNA & Brings Positive Transformation

Bonus Videos & E-Books

  1. Top Ten Richest Black Billionaires In The World
  2. Binaural Music to Attract Money Urgently
  3. The Manifestation Millionaire